Friday, December 28, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018!

Christmas Eve! 

Cecil got a Salmon Kitty Kick Fish Stix and immediately fell on her side to start kicking it. Too funny!

Amber got a Star Wars toy and a pig ear. She had the pig ear eaten in no time flat!

Once again, Andrew had an ice fishing Christmas including a new sled to pull his gear on the ice, some new gear keepers, new ice fishing rods and reels and gift cards to several different sporting goods stores. He also got cheese and summer sausage shipped to him straight from his favorite cheese shop in Wisconsin, Tim & Tom's Cheese Shop in Kenosha, along with some gift cards to some fun restaurants. :)

I got a mixture of my favorite things again including car wash tokens, movie tickets, a gift card for drink refills in my cup at Beachin' Soda Shack, gift certificates to some of my favorite restaurants, the new Richard Paul Evans book, the peach perfume I used to wear in high school (Andrew loves the smell of this as do I. It's no longer made, but Andrew found some on eBay for me circa 1995! It's brand new and smells fantastic!), Sara Happ's Dream Slip for soft lips overnight and a Toyota owners manual case. But some of my favorite gifts are the Creative Lettering Journal with tracing paper and markers so I can learn lettering and earrings handmade in Alaska from my SIL Kim!

We were very blessed once again this year! Merry Christmas!

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