Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Elder and Sister Heward

Back in September, my parents told us that they had been called to serve a mission by their stake president! We have been so excited for them and they have been excited too preparing for this next chapter in their lives. They were called to serve in the Utah Ogden Mission while living at home for a period of 23 months. These photos are ones they took to submit with their mission application paperwork.

Mom with her official mission call!

In mid November, they got the opportunity to go to the MTC for training for 1 week and loved every minute of it.

Since they were living at the MTC for a week, Andrew and I sent a couple fun cards to their MTC address. Along with the rest of their kids, I think they got quite a bit of mail that week!

We love you, Dad & Mom! I know so many blessings will come from your service.


  1. We loved your cards and all the support everyone has given to us. Thank you again!!!