Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Camper

Andrew and I have been wanting to get a camper for the last few years, but this summer we got pretty serious about finding one. We looked the whole summer for just the right one, but it didn't seem like we could decide exactly what it was that we wanted. Then, the Tuesday before Labor Day Weekend, Andrew looked on Castle Country RV's website and found one he really liked. He showed it to me and I really liked it too! By Wednesday, we had our loan done. The dealership is in Helper, UT so they stopped by Utah Power Credit Union's branch there in Helper and picked up the check for it on Thursday morning and by Thursday evening, they were pulling into our driveway in Ballard delivering our camper! It's a 2019 Wolf Pup 16FQ and it's brand spanking new! They call it a couple's camper and we love it!

Blue LED lights on at night under the awning. The outdoor speakers also have blue LED lights. Apparently the blue lights do not attract bugs!

Notice the nice mattress? It came with this terribly hard mattress so Andrew ran down to Nielsen's Thursday night at like 9 pm and got us a really nice camper queen mattress. Camper queens are the width of a queen mattress, but the length of a full size mattress. Can you say benefits of a husband that works at a furniture store on the side? ;) Our camper bed is so comfortable now!
We loaded up our new camper Thursday night and left Friday morning to go camping at Mill Hollow Reservoir with our families for Labor Day Weekend! Unfortunately, I came down with a terrible cold Friday night while camping so I didn't get to enjoy the weekend at all. I was so disappointed because I had been looking forward to this weekend all summer. I didn't get to set up the canopy that we bought new this year, I didn't get to walk around the campground or even see my parent's campsite. So disappointed. :( I kept trying to look on the bright side though. I was so much more comfortable being sick in my camper then I would have been in a tent. If we would have been in a tent, we would have had to come home early so I was thankful for small blessings. :) I have no pictures even from Labor Day Weekend, but I am so thankful to all the family that took time out of their lives to come and spend time all together. Love you all! Now I'm looking forward to many fun adventures to come in our new camper!


  1. That is sooooo nice! Looks like camping will finally be super enjoyable! have fun! I never thought I'd see the day when you got a camper and looked forward to camping so this is exciting stuff!!! lol

  2. I love that Andrew could go to the store (while they were closed) and get you guys a new mattress. Definitely a perk to his job. Love the new camper, hopefully you can more fully enjoy it next year.