Monday, July 16, 2018

UPCU Summer Party

UPCU has a summer party every year usually at a nice restaurant that has a patio. They rent out the whole patio so we have it all to ourselves, we have dinner and they give out prizes too. They usually pick different kinds of food as the CEO loves trying new things. Last year we had Indian food and that was definitely different for us! It was the first time Andrew and I had ever had Indian food!  

This year however, UPCU was offered the use of PacifiCorp's Stairs Power Plant. It's located up Big Cottonwood Canyon above Salt Lake City. This was an incredible honor and privilege to have the use of as even their employees only get the privilege of using it through a lottery system. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that UPCU is their credit union though. ;)  For food, they actually asked Andrew's dad to cater so Kevan and Calleen traveled out there with their trailer and cooked for us. That was really fun because Andrew got to help them and everyone raved about the food. :)

There was also tons of stuff to do there: volleyball, lots of grass area where they set up different games, horseshoes, a fire pit that they lit for s'mores. They even hired a live band!

One employee's birthday was the same day as the summer party and Andrew's birthday was the next day so they had a cake for them at the party. :)
It ended up being a cool summer evening so the weather was just perfect for being outside. We had a great time visiting and hanging out with the UPCU family.  


  1. How fun! I love that they have a huge summer party so you can go somewhere fun and beautiful.

  2. you guys always have so much fun! love seeing the pictures