Friday, May 4, 2018

Emillio (2001 - 2018)

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, our sweet kitty Emillio passed away. She was our first fur child and she would have been 17 years old in May.

We have so many fun memories of Emillio. We first got her from a batch of kittens my mom had when Andrew and I lived in Spanish Fork. My sisters had already named her Emillio and it stuck! After Spanish Fork, she moved with us to SLC, then Magna and finally to our home in Roosevelt. Almost 5 years ago, her sister Cecil came to live with us. Emillio tolerated Cecil at first, but after awhile, they became good buddies. Their favorite thing to do was run back and forth chasing each other from one end of our house to the other every night when we would get home from work. :) Emillio loved taking naps in the sun and in front of the heater vent and looking out the window especially. She also loved kitty treats and would beg for shredded chicken when we would cook that for dinner. :)

Playing in the crackle chute that scared her sister to death and she knew it! ;) 

Looks at that fluffy tail! Emillio loved to wear collars and bandanas. :)

Her favorite way to sleep! We never could figure out how she could breathe. Haha!

Mother's Day picture that Andrew took of her last year. I loved her one white whisker!

My favorite picture of Emillio and Cecil. :)

The day Emillio passed away, I texted everyone in my family to let them know. Everyone was so sad and it made me feel better to realize that they understood how much she meant to me. That evening, we took her up to Andrew's parent's house and buried her under a nice shady tree. Since we didn't have a marker for where she was buried yet, Andrew went across the road to find a rock. He wasn't gone that long and came back with a rock shaped like a heart! My sister Leisa said it best when I told her about it. She said, "Leave it to Andrew to find a rock shaped like a heart." It's true! He is so kind and good to me.

As the new week started so did an outpouring of love. I received beautiful tulips from my brother Doug and my SIL Misty and a letter arrived the same day from my mom with pictures and cards from Doug and Misty's kids Lincoln, Kinley and Taylor.

The next day, I received more beautiful flowers. This time from my sisters, Heidi and Leisa, and their families while I was at work.

The final mail that came was from our vet's office. I have to stop a moment and thank them too because they were absolutely so wonderful to us while we were there with Emillio in her final moments. They discussed all our options with us and made sure Emillio was comfortable. As we were leaving with her, they handed me her collar and a piece of cardstock with her footprint on it. I am so grateful to them!

I also received many texts and phone calls that meant so much to me.

I knew that I wanted to get a stepping stone marker for where Emillio was buried so I worked with a store on Etsy to have it made. It turned out amazing and I love that I was able to get something so personalized! It's granite with a black, long-haired cat silhouette with Emillio's name and the years we had her engraved on it.

It's been harder than I anticipated since I lost Emillio. I still think of her every day and we talk about our memories of her often. She was always such a good kitty and we will always miss her. I had a special experience that day though and I know that she is being taken care of in heaven. ♥♥


  1. This post makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. Emillio was such a good kitty! I loved the picture of her in the crackle tube and how she knew it scared Cecil. Silly cats. And your sister was right, leave it to your sweet husband to find a heart shaped like a rock. I love how your marker turned out, it is beautiful!

  2. This is an awesome post!! Makes me happy. Now, I think you should add a few pictures of her when she was a kitten!!! What a good kitty, and that granite marker is so cool (especially next to the heart rock!). Love you!

  3. You memorialized her very well. We all have a special place in our hearts for Emillio. I love that she was my grand kitty!