Saturday, February 17, 2018

North Carolina Trip Day 6 & 7 - Savannah, GA to Raleigh, NC & Traveling Home

Monday morning we left Savannah headed to Raleigh, NC, which is where we would be flying back home to Utah from. We had about a 5 hour drive so we didn't have much planned.

Back in South Carolina!

We stopped for gas and Andrew got a bag of these. They smelled awful!

We had lunch along the way at Cook Out, which was another new to us place.

Andrew had the Chopped Pork BBQ Plate with Homemade Slaw and Hushpuppies. He had fun trying all the southern food on this trip. :)

Our one main stop of the day was at South of the Border, which is right on the South and North Carolina state lines. I was kind of excited to stop here because I had heard cool things about it. However, it ended up being a bit disappointing. Maybe in its prime it had been a major tourist attraction, but's pretty much run down. They advertised that you could go up in the Sombrero Tower for $2 and walk around the brim of the sombrero for an unobstructed 360 degree view, but when we went to buy our tickets, we were informed it was closed. :( The rest of South of the Border was just several gift shops with pretty pricey "Made in China" souvenirs, but at least we can say we've been there. Needless to say, we didn't stay long and then we were back on the road.

Back in North Carolina!

For dinner, we ate at Texas Steakhouse. It wasn't bad and isn't something we have in Utah. :)

Tuesday morning. we left Raleigh to fly back home to Utah. We flew from Raleigh, NC to Las Vegas and then Las Vegas to SLC. It's always fun to go on vacation, but we always love coming home again. :) We have also now been to 39 states!


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