Tuesday, February 13, 2018

North Carolina Trip Day 3 - New Bern, NC

Friday, we woke up ready to go to the birthplace of Pepsi in New Bern, NC! Andrew always said if we went to visit my sister in North Carolina that he wanted to visit New Bern so he was excited. :)

Our rental car.

We took our time driving to New Bern and stopped at a couple different places on a whim. One stop was for lunch at an authentic Carolina BBQ spot. Now I know I'm a picky eater, but who likes pulled pork with the crispy skin of the pig chopped up with it?!! Yuck! The locals were flocking there for lunch though so apparently I am not a southern girl and that's okay. ;) We hunted out a Chick-fil-A for me a little further on down the road. Haha!

We also saw cotton fields for the first time ever! The fields had been picked since it was winter, but we quickly pulled over and hand picked a leftover souvenir! I love it! 

Once we got to New Bern, we headed straight to the Birthplace of Pepsi building! 

Among other things, Andrew bought this Pepsi in a glass bottle. :)

It was fun to see all the old Pepsi logos, old cans and neat memorabilia. We had such a great afternoon there! We got some fun souvenirs and one of the people working there let us go behind the counter and he took our picture for us. :) 

Then we headed back to Sanford for dinner with the fam at Golden Corral. Golden Corral is from NC so they were everywhere there and my parents had given all of us a kids a gift card there for Christmas so it was a great excuse to use it! 

Before we went back to our hotel after dinner though, we made a stop at Food Lion, which is a different grocery store in NC. Andrew wanted to find a drink called Cheerwine and we hadn't been able to find it in anything smaller then a 2 liter bottle at Piggly Wiggly. But we lucked out because Food Lion had it in a 20 oz bottle so Andrew grabbed one. It's a drink they have in the south that Andrew had heard about, but I'll tell you a secret...it's Dr. Pepper! Haha! It was fun to get one though. ;)



  1. That's cool you got to pick some cotton. Its not as cool about the pig skin, gross!

  2. Man, you guys do fun things as you road trip!