Monday, July 31, 2017

Andrew's Wisconsin Trip

The last full week of July, Andrew had the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin for work to take the first year of a three year course on commercial loans being held at the University of Wisconsin. He got to fly from Vernal to Denver, which was fun and a first for us and then he flew from Denver to Madison.

When Andrew was on the plane, he took this picture of me in the window watching the plane. ;)


Andrew landed in Denver and was driven to the main airport in a van to check in for his connecting flight to Madison.

While waiting for his flight to Madison, a little dog in the airport wandered over to get a pet. ;)

Welcome to Madison!

Andrew loved that every store in the airport in Wisconsin had cheese!

Upon checking in at his hotel, there was cheese popcorn waiting in his room for him and every day after, he got a new bag that was a different flavor.

These are just some of the flavors he got that week.

After checking out his room, he immediately walked over to the University of Wisconsin campus and bought cheese to have in his room all week. ;)

He also got some ice cream while at the campus creamery!

Every morning, Andrew had breakfast at his hotel's restaurant breakfast buffet.

For lunch and dinner, he always went to a new place and he got to try a lot of different foods. One thing he said most restaurants had though was fried cheese curd on the menu!

Food trucks for lunch one day.
The one restaurant he repeated though was an Irish pub that he stumbled upon one night. He loved it and couldn't resist going back later on in the week with some guys he met at the conference.

Tomato Bisque

Shepherd's Pie

Carrot Cake

Bangers and Mash 

He loved the atmosphere. ;)
Since Andrew walked everywhere he went, he got to see the sites of Madison too.

The morning before he flew home, he had some time to kill so he walked over and checked out the football stadium on campus along with some other sites.

Overall, Andrew had a fantastic time in Wisconsin and definitely enjoyed the cheese. :) In fact, when Andrew's boss told him he wanted him to go to this conference, he sold it to Andrew by telling him he would get to enjoy cheese all week! Haha! He knows Andrew too well. ;)

Cheese and Pepsi for the trip home. :)
It was pretty lonely for me without Andrew at home all week, but Andrew's parents did invite me to join them up the canyon for a cookout one night where some deer came by that were very interested in what we were doing.

I also kept myself busy with a puzzle that my mom and dad gave us for Christmas last year. It was pretty fun to put together once I got into it. :)

I was so glad when Andrew came home though. I had missed him! But I am continually proud of him and all he does. 

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  1. Looks like he had fun! I love that you got to watch his plane take off. It made me remember when I was little and we would drop my grandma off at the airport and be able to watch her plane take off.