Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Minneapolis Trip Day 5 - Big Bruce, Veterans Memorial Bridge & Minneapolis, MN

Every morning and night while we were gone, I would get on my Petcube to check on my kitties. I only saw Emillio once, but Cecil would either be waiting in front of the camera or would come from another room to talk to me when she heard the Petcube come on. She would sit and listen to me and then talk back sometimes too. :) I love my Petcube!

Gander Mountain is a store in the Midwest kind of like Sportman's Warehouse that we have here in Utah. Andrew has bought a few things from them online over the years, but recently they disabled their website and announced they would be closing their doors so Andrew wanted to stop at a couple of stores during our trip to see if he could find some good deals. We stopped at one on Sunday afternoon in Minnesota and another one Monday morning in Fargo. He had fun and got some things he wanted at a good price. ;)

Monday morning, after stopping at Gander Mountain, we saw the sites of Fargo.

Our first stop was Newman Outdoor Field on the campus of North Dakota State University to see Big Bruce! Big Bruce is the world's largest wooden baseball bat!

Since we were on campus anyway, Andrew also wanted to see the Fargodome where the football team plays. :)

Our next stop was to see the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Since it was also Memorial Day, I enjoyed this stop. The Veterans Memorial Bridge crosses the Red River, which is also the border of North Dakota and Minnesota.

By now, it was noon so we got on the road to head back to Minneapolis. Once we got back to Minneapolis, we checked into our hotel and decided to go back to the Mall of America one last time. :) I bought some souvenirs and we just enjoyed our time. For dinner, we decided to go back to Giordano's! We love it and don't know when we'll be able to enjoy eating there again. ;)

As we filled our rental car up with gas so we could return it at the airport in the morning, Andrew bought a Minnesota scratch card. He buys one at every state we go to that sells them. :) He has quite the collection now.

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  1. That's neat you could go to a Veteran's Memorial on Memorial Day.