Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Minneapolis Trip Day 3 - Minnesota Twins Baseball Game & Minnehaha Falls

The Minnesota Twins were playing the Tampa Bay Rays while we were in town so on Saturday, we had bought tickets to see our first ever MLB game!

We parked at Mall of America and had lunch at Shake Shack, which is another favorite of ours before we rode the train to Target Field!

Cheese curds being sold at the stadium. :)

The game was super fun and the Twins won! I'm so glad we went. :)

Another thing we wanted to see in Minneapolis was Minnehaha Falls, which is this really cool waterfall right in the middle of a park. On the train, on our way back to the mall after the game, we realized it went right past the falls so we got off on that stop.

One side of the falls.

At the top looking down.

The other side of the falls.

Such a beautiful day! It was overcast so it was perfect weather for being outside all day. :)


  1. How fun that you went to your first MLB games. We love going and it's nice since we love close to a few different teams and fields! Also that waterfall was pretty!