Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Minneapolis Trip Day 1 & 2 - Traveling to Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN & Ellsworth, WI

It's been awhile since we've crossed some states off our bucket list so we decided to take advantage of our extra day off for Memorial Day and make a trip out of it! On Thursday, May 25, we left our house headed for Denver, CO. We've flown out of Denver a few times now. We've found when we're traveling east, Denver can sometimes be a lot cheaper then SLC and this time was no different. We saved a ton flying out of Denver and because of where we live in Utah, Denver really isn't that far. On our way, we stopped for lunch in Steamboat Springs, CO and ate at a place called Back Door Grill. It had great reviews online and it was delicious!

After that, we took a slightly different route to Denver that was new to us, stayed on Highway 40 and went through Winter Park. It was fun to see.

Once arriving in Denver, we parked and a shuttle took us to the airport. We arrived in Minneapolis about 10 pm, got our rental car and headed to our hotel for the night. Fun fact about our rental car: They were out of the size of car we rented so we got an upgrade to a Toyota Camry! Since we have a Toyota now and we also used to have a Camry, I loved driving this around for the time we were there. :)

Our rental car. 

Friday morning, we had decided to drive about 45 minutes into Wisconsin. Since we were so close, we couldn't resist. ;) This was our 3rd time being in Wisconsin, but Andrew swears they have the BEST cheese curd and I have to agree. We went to the self-proclaimed cheese curd capital of Wisconsin also known as a little town called Ellsworth. ;) Andrew was in heaven!

We got there right when the fresh curds for the day were coming out so they were even still a little warm. So good! 

The shirt Andrew got. :)

Andrew says Pepsi and cheese go together so we stopped at a gas station to get one for the drive back. He thought this can was cool because of the Milwaukee Brewers logo on it. 

Back to Minnesota in time for lunch!

When we were researching what was in Minneapolis before we left home, we found our favorite Chicago pizza place, Giordano's, had expanded and now had 2 locations in Minneapolis. We were so excited to stop at one of them for lunch!

The rest of the day we planned to spend at Mall of America!!

We decided to valet park when we got there because of how huge the mall and parking structures were. We were so glad we did too because the valet elevator took us right into the mall and we could also go back down to the valet lounge where they had complimentary bottled water and snacks along with a private restroom. We could also drop off any purchases we had and they took them to our car for us. Since we spent 6 1/2 hours at the mall that first day, it was worth it and it was fun too. :)

Indoor amusement park in the center of the mall! It was the entire 4 levels in the center of the mall so it was huge!

Our first stop was the Crayola Experience! While we didn't actually do the whole "experience" because it was more for little kids, we did go to the gift shop and that was fun! They had every Crayola product ever! 

Kids entrance! Haha!

You could fill different size tins with your own mix of crayons and markers. Very cool! 

Art made of crayons!

A 2 lb crayon souvenir!

We visited 2 cheese shops in the mall. Andrew enjoyed cheese samples at each one and found this 11 year old cheese. He didn't buy it, but did buy an 8 year old block. :P

I got a special Mall of America Pandora charm for my bracelet. :)

FlyOver America was the most fun thing we did at the mall! It's similar to Soarin' Over California at Disney California Adventures in Anaheim. It was so neat! We flew over all the places shown on this map complete with mist, wind, smells, sights and sounds. So cool!

Dinner was a no-brainer...it had to be Rainforest Café!


Such a fun day! We were so tired after it all, but it was worth it!


  1. Looks amazing! We hope to go visit this winter when we can spend a few days indoor at the mall. Thanks for the Tips!