Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our New Cement Patio

Last fall, our home owners insurance asked us to make our back wood steps more permanent by adding a railing. We considered doing the railing and even bought a couple boards, but in the end, we decided this was the perfect excuse to pour the cement patio with steps that we had always wanted. We had to wait until winter was over, but even before the ground was dry, we started looking for someone to do it for us. This proved harder then we thought, but after posting it on Facebook, we found someone. His bid came in right about what we were hoping to spend so that worked out too and as soon as the ground was dry, he came and poured. I stayed home to watch because I was so excited!

The Saturday before he poured cement, they came and prepped.

On Monday, they added gravel and tapped down the dirt really well.

On Tuesday...The cement truck is here! Those trucks are heavy!

On Wednesday, they came and took the forms off.
So there it is! Our patio! We love it! We're hoping to get a new BBQ with some chairs and maybe a small table so we can enjoy it all summer long. :)


  1. That is so nice! I bet you'll love having it plus now it's less mud and dirt back there. Do you ever thing you'll do a backyard??

  2. I love it! It looks so nice. now you need soft green grass around it with a big tree!

  3. Yep! Now you need a beautiful yard around your nice patio!