Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Roosevelt Christmas Tree Lighting

Andrew is part of the Roosevelt Business Alliance (RBA) and attends monthly meetings regarding all the events that the city puts on. This month was the Christmas tree lighting in one of the parks here in town. Andrew said he would do the stage decorations for Santa and Mrs. Claus that night so he asked the credit union he works for (Utah Power Credit Union) to donate stockings and lights and then he asked Nielsen's Furniture (who he works for some Saturdays) to deliver some furniture to the stage so Santa and Mrs. Claus had a place to sit and a fireplace to keep warm by while they visited with the kids. I helped him wrap some big boxes to look like presents to complete the scene. :)

The Christmas tree all lit up!

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived on the new Roosevelt City fire truck with sirens and all! Here they are sitting on the stage. :) The stockings kept blowing down off the fireplace because there was a terrible cold wind unfortunately.

Santa and Mrs. Claus with the RBA members there that night. :)

It turned out really well and I was so proud of him. :)


  1. I hope the fireplace kept them warm. It was so cold!

  2. I enjoy seeing you and Andrew becoming SO involved in the community. Great job!