Thursday, November 17, 2016

My New Office

I work for Home Health and Hospice at Uintah Basin Medical Center and back in August, we moved to a new building. I got my own office(!), but I wanted to wait to post pictures of it until it was completely put together. My name plates arrived yesterday so without further ado...

Here are the before pictures...

Here is it now!


It's been so fun having my own space! The building I now work in used to be the old care center in town. It's been remodeled since those days, but we still have some fun things like sinks in our offices and my own bathroom!

One funny thing is this picture I found of when I was 16 coming to the care center to play the piano for the people who lived here. Apparently, the outside hasn't changed that much!


  1. That is exciting!! Plus that is funny that you have a picture from so long ago of your workplace!

  2. I love that you posted the piano picture too! I also worked there for a year when we first moved to Neola. I earned my CNA and was an aide at the care center.

  3. Your office turned out so cute!!