Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Camping

Two weeks before Labor Day Weekend, Andrew and I decided to take a drive to a place in Utah we had never been. We drove to Mirror Lake and saw all the other lakes around there as well. Andrew caught his first brook trout, we had a picnic lunch, dinner at a cute diner in Kamas and scouted out places to camp for Labor Day Weekend. 

Provo River Falls

Slate Gorge

The Mirror Lake area was way too crowded for camping, but on the way home, between Kamas and Hanna, we discovered Mill Hollow Reservoir. Andrew stopped to fish and the campground was just behind the reservoir with a view of the water so we decided then that maybe this would be where we would like to camp over Labor Day Weekend. :)

The Thursday before Labor Day, we drove back up to the campground to pitch our new, big tent! We wanted to make sure we would have a spot when we got up there again late Friday night. ;) Friday, after work, we started packing everything up. We hadn't had much time to do it beforehand and about halfway through packing the truck, we started wondering if it was worth it. Somehow, I don't think either one of us likes that part of camping much. ;) But once we were up there and set up, we had a great weekend!

View of the lake from our campsite. :)

Andrew fished on Saturday and Sunday and caught his first tiger trout on Saturday. Andrew's parents were also able to join us in their trailer for a lot of the time too. :)

We headed home Sunday afternoon and were still able to enjoy some time at home during the long weekend as well. :) It was perfect!


  1. That picture of the lake doesn't even look real, its so beautiful!!!!! I will have to go check this place out one of these days.

  2. Wait, wait, went camping??!?!?! Turning a new leaf eh? Glad you guys enjoyed it!

  3. looks so fun, i miss camping in the mountains!