Monday, July 4, 2016

Oregon Trip Day 8 - Traveling

Saturday it was time to come home. We took some last pictures before we left the beach house.

We stopped at Tillamook for cheese and ice cream one last time too. :)

Then we got to fly home first class again and this time we were also served dinner! 

It was so good to be home because I always miss my kitties whenever I'm gone. :) This time though, I had the Petcube camera so I could check in on them. Cecil would sit on the table and look into the camera while I talked to her! I loved it!

A couple of days after we got back, Andrew took this piece of driftwood that he found on our beach in Oregon and turned it into a business card holder. :)


Such a fun family trip!



  1. Thanks for letting me check on the kitties!

  2. You cat tube is genius and hilarious! Who would have thought to create that. So they can actually hear you?

  3. You have a Petcube?!? What an awesome idea! But it's amazing that Cecil actually talked to you through it. What are the chances of the cats knowing it was there!

  4. love the driftwood idea! that is really cool! The petcube is awesome too!