Monday, July 4, 2016

Oregon Trip Day 7 - Cannon Beach, Seaside and Oceanside, OR

Friday was our last full day in Oregon and we had a few more things we wanted to do! We headed north to Cannon Beach again because we had heard about a glass blowing place with an area where you could watch. It was pretty neat and we got a blown glass ornament for our Christmas tree too!

Then it was on to Seaside, OR, which is one of my favorite places in Oregon! I have so many memories here from when I was growing up. :)

Then we headed south to Tillamook again for more cheese and ice cream. :)

Beautiful Views

After that, Andrew wanted to drive to Oceanside, OR to see the beach there.

It was time to start packing up that night, but we did take a few more pictures of our beach. :)



  1. I'm so jealous!!!! Looks like you had so much fun the entire week.

  2. A have few memories of going to visit there but I do remember the elephant ears and the carousel. So fun that you guys went and spent a great week.

  3. Yes, I have great memories from there too.

  4. you take some of the best pictures! i love my memories of there also!