Monday, July 4, 2016

Oregon Trip Day 6 - Crabbing

Thursday the whole family went crabbing together about 5 minutes north of our beach house and it was probably the funnest thing we did all week! 

Carrie, Andrew and Katelyn

Jessica, Andrew and Alicia 




After the crabs were caught and cooked, they had to be cleaned..!

Andrew even ate the crab heart dipped in the crab's natural "butter"! Yuck!

We did have Tillamook fried cheese curds, cheese and ice cream again that afternoon, though I forgot to take any pictures!

Then that night, the family had a hot dog roast on the beach.



  1. Crabbing looks like so much fun! I also loved the picture of the brothers being "boys".

  2. the crabbing is great! i would love to do that! The fire on the beach is something i have always wanted to do!