Sunday, July 17, 2016

Chicago Trip Day 1 - Traveling & Chicago, IL to Dubuque, IA

In the weeks leading up to our 17th anniversary, we were trying to decide how we wanted to celebrate it. Several ideas were tossed around, but Andrew had the winning idea of flying to Chicago and driving to Iowa so we could check that state off our bucket list of trying to visit all 50 states! So on Friday, July 8, we flew from SLC to Chicago. Andrew surprised me by renting a luxury car for our drive to Iowa. :) We got a Range Rover, which I have secretly always wanted one of my own! Very fun!

Western Illinois and Iowa too are nothing but rolling hills and corn fields. I swear they don't even have to water their fields because I never saw one sprinkler! Very different then good old Utah. ;)

We were headed for Dubuque, Iowa, which was about a 3 hour drive from Chicago just over the Iowa border, which was the Mississippi River.

Our first time seeing the Mississippi River!


That night we stayed at the Hotel Julien, which was very nice. :)



  1. Fun! And yay for another state off of your list!

  2. I'm enjoying seeing your pictures. We are going to Chicago next week for a few days.

  3. love it! you've been to the mississippi way up north and we have way down south!