Saturday, March 5, 2016

Utah Power Credit Union's Annual Meeting

On Tuesday, February 23, Utah Power Credit Union held their annual meeting at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah. Andrew was asked to help at the meeting so I decided to take the time off work and go with him.

There were yummy little appetizers served before the meeting began and a slide show about credit union events and their employees was playing.

Andrew has been there 4 months. ;) 

Since the Moon Lake (Roosevelt) Branch is UPCU's newest branch, they spoke about it and Andrew during the annual meeting. I was so proud of my hubby! He has worked so hard for this and he loves his job. :) Unfortunately a couple of the videos I took of the Moon Lake part of the presentation were too large to post on my blog, but I did post one that was smaller below.

During the meeting, there were also prize drawings. Employees weren't eligible to win, but their families were. I ended up being the first winner and I won an Amazon Echo! I was so excited!


As each person came in to the meeting at the beginning, they were given an envelope. At the end, we were instructed to open them. Each person's envelope contained at least a $2 bill, but some held more than that! Andrew and I each got a $2 bill. :) Then as each person left when the meeting was over, they were give a UPCU fan. What a fun night! I was so proud of my hubby and the company he works for. :)


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  1. Always fun to win free things! And so glad that he enjoys his job so much!!