Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cecil The Lion

Cecil has the longest fur and about once a year, it just gets to the point that she can't take care of it all anymore so I have to take her to the kitty groomer. The first time we had it done in the "teddy bear" cut, which basically just gave all her fur a good trim.

The second time we had it done in the "lion" cut. I think she is the cutest lion with her mane and leg warmers, but I wasn't sure if I really liked it.

Well, about a week ago, it was time to have it done again so I went for the "lion" cut once more. Still the cutest lion you've ever seen, but this time it's winter and she has been so cold without all her fur! I feel so bad so I think from now on, we'll just stick with the "teddy bear" cut. ;)



  1. I think she is the cutest lion too! I bet that cut would feel good during the hotter months.

  2. she is a cute lion! I also need to print my blog but I have never done it so I am nervous.