Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Blog Book 2015

Here it is! My newest blog book. The seventh edition - Our Blog Book 2015!


Cecil The Lion

Cecil has the longest fur and about once a year, it just gets to the point that she can't take care of it all anymore so I have to take her to the kitty groomer. The first time we had it done in the "teddy bear" cut, which basically just gave all her fur a good trim.

The second time we had it done in the "lion" cut. I think she is the cutest lion with her mane and leg warmers, but I wasn't sure if I really liked it.

Well, about a week ago, it was time to have it done again so I went for the "lion" cut once more. Still the cutest lion you've ever seen, but this time it's winter and she has been so cold without all her fur! I feel so bad so I think from now on, we'll just stick with the "teddy bear" cut. ;)


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Fur Children Stockings

The kittens each got a toy mouse for Christmas. Emillio went crazy for hers and it was making Cecil nervous because Emillio doesn't usually play with toys anymore. It was pretty funny. :)


Fur from each of them stuck in tape on the package. ;)

My big present was new dishes by The Pioneer Woman! 

Christmas morning breakfast of eggs, sausage, coffee cake and chocolate milk all using my new dishes!

It was a wonderful Christmas!


Road Trip Day 3 & 4 - Las Vegas, NV to Home

On Saturday, our first stop was at the Bellagio to see the Christmas decorations. :)



While we were there, we were looking for the World's Largest Chocolate Fountain on our phones since we knew it was inside the Bellagio somewhere. We literally turned to our right and there it was!

For lunch we decided to have Shake Shack, which we had had once before in Boston so it was fun to try it again! It's so good!

After lunch, we headed back to South Point to see the new Star Wars in the movie theatre they have there! It was good and really fun to see there on opening weekend. :)

Sunday we headed back home, but it was fun to get away together for the weekend. :)


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Road Trip Day 1 & 2 - Home to Las Vegas, NV

The weekend of December 18, 19 and 20, we had the chance to go to Las Vegas! We originally were going to go for a football game, but Andrew decided to sell his tickets. He made so much on his tickets though that it paid for our whole trip except food and activities so we decided to go anyway!

On Thursday, December 17, we drove from home straight down to Las Vegas! Andrew usually stays at South Point when he goes down for furniture market so we decided to stay there so he could show me around. :) The next morning, Andrew placed a couple of sports bets (I thought the Christmas tree at the betting counter was pretty cool all covered with sports balls. ;) ).

Then we hit up the outlets! Andrew spoiled me with a new Kate Spade wristlet!

From there we headed to the Stratosphere! We went straight to the top for a great view. :)

I love the Stratosphere shadow in this one!

After leaving the Stratosphere, we parked at Caesars Palace. There Andrew spoiled me again with a new Fitbit band from Tory Burch!

After leaving Caesars Palace, we walked across the street to The LINQ and visited Sprinkles Cupcakes under the shadow of the High Roller. :)

Then we had an early dinner at the Tilted Kilt while we waited for it to get dark. :)

Once it was dark, it was time to do a rotation on the High Roller! This was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I have this thing for Ferris wheels and this one in the biggest one in the world right now. :) Then we found out they were running a holiday special so instead of $36.95 per person at night it was only $20 per person!

They can also put up to 40 people at a time in each one of these cabins, but there were only 6 people in ours including us so we definitely hit it at a good time! A rotation takes 30 minutes so I was so excited to really see the Las Vegas lights at night!


Such a cool experience!