Saturday, December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Santa was good to us again this year.

Cecil got a new cat lobster since her other one had definitely seen better days. ;) She loved it!

Emillio got a bag of kitty treats. Exactly what she wanted!

Amber got a beef rib. She ran away with it before Andrew could get the package off all the way! 

My gifts from my fur children included fur. Love that Andrew does that! :)

Again this year I had a Pioneer Woman Christmas. :)

Andrew had an ice fishing Christmas and spent the rest of Christmas week on the ice!

It was a wonderful Christmas!


Friday, December 16, 2016

Amber Visits Santa

We were able to take Amber to visit Santa this year again at the Roosevelt Animal Shelter. :) We donated $10 to the shelter and got a picture in return. Not the best picture, but oh well. Santa also gave Amber a light for her collar. ;) Amber was crazy as usual since she was in a new environment with so many new smells, but it was still fun. :)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Outside Christmas Lights 2016

It's hard to tell exactly in this picture, but here's the way our house lights turned out this year! We did multi-colored C9 bulb lights across the whole house with a star in the top peak. Then we have net lights over 2 of our grasses in the front flower bed along with our deer. Our newest addition is a projector that projects moving snowflakes on the right side of the house! Then you can see our tree in the window and our wreath on the front door. Everything is on a timer and I love it because I get to come home to my house lit up like this every night after work. :)

Christmas Card 2016

I wanted to get my Christmas cards done early this year so Andrew and I spent one Sunday afternoon in November just looking at cards. We thought we had it narrowed down, but it just didn't work so I said we would have to work on it later. The next day Andrew called me in to look at his computer screen and he had designed this card and I loved it! A card with rounded corners and a cute back and we were even able to get our return address printed on the envelopes! This is the second year in a row that he's designed our card so I'm thinking I should just leave it to him from here on out! I'm so lucky. :) I just bought my Christmas stamps and I was ready to mail them!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Roosevelt Christmas Tree Lighting

Andrew is part of the Roosevelt Business Alliance (RBA) and attends monthly meetings regarding all the events that the city puts on. This month was the Christmas tree lighting in one of the parks here in town. Andrew said he would do the stage decorations for Santa and Mrs. Claus that night so he asked the credit union he works for (Utah Power Credit Union) to donate stockings and lights and then he asked Nielsen's Furniture (who he works for some Saturdays) to deliver some furniture to the stage so Santa and Mrs. Claus had a place to sit and a fireplace to keep warm by while they visited with the kids. I helped him wrap some big boxes to look like presents to complete the scene. :)

The Christmas tree all lit up!

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived on the new Roosevelt City fire truck with sirens and all! Here they are sitting on the stage. :) The stockings kept blowing down off the fireplace because there was a terrible cold wind unfortunately.

Santa and Mrs. Claus with the RBA members there that night. :)

It turned out really well and I was so proud of him. :)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Trees 2016

Here they are...our Christmas trees 2016!

Our real one...that we had to saw more branches off of then we wanted too in order to make it fit. :( 

Our fun tree, which includes travel ornaments, ornaments that we love and our newest addition...bubble lights!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had Thanksgiving with Andrew's family this year. Here are pictures of our Thanksgiving feast and the pie table afterward. :)

Friday morning we headed up Whiterocks Canyon to cut our Christmas tree!

There was no snow this year except here and there in the shadows, but Amber had a great time running up and down the mountain helping us find our tree. :) We found a good one!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My New Office

I work for Home Health and Hospice at Uintah Basin Medical Center and back in August, we moved to a new building. I got my own office(!), but I wanted to wait to post pictures of it until it was completely put together. My name plates arrived yesterday so without further ado...

Here are the before pictures...

Here is it now!


It's been so fun having my own space! The building I now work in used to be the old care center in town. It's been remodeled since those days, but we still have some fun things like sinks in our offices and my own bathroom!

One funny thing is this picture I found of when I was 16 coming to the care center to play the piano for the people who lived here. Apparently, the outside hasn't changed that much!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Camping

Two weeks before Labor Day Weekend, Andrew and I decided to take a drive to a place in Utah we had never been. We drove to Mirror Lake and saw all the other lakes around there as well. Andrew caught his first brook trout, we had a picnic lunch, dinner at a cute diner in Kamas and scouted out places to camp for Labor Day Weekend. 

Provo River Falls

Slate Gorge

The Mirror Lake area was way too crowded for camping, but on the way home, between Kamas and Hanna, we discovered Mill Hollow Reservoir. Andrew stopped to fish and the campground was just behind the reservoir with a view of the water so we decided then that maybe this would be where we would like to camp over Labor Day Weekend. :)

The Thursday before Labor Day, we drove back up to the campground to pitch our new, big tent! We wanted to make sure we would have a spot when we got up there again late Friday night. ;) Friday, after work, we started packing everything up. We hadn't had much time to do it beforehand and about halfway through packing the truck, we started wondering if it was worth it. Somehow, I don't think either one of us likes that part of camping much. ;) But once we were up there and set up, we had a great weekend!

View of the lake from our campsite. :)

Andrew fished on Saturday and Sunday and caught his first tiger trout on Saturday. Andrew's parents were also able to join us in their trailer for a lot of the time too. :)

We headed home Sunday afternoon and were still able to enjoy some time at home during the long weekend as well. :) It was perfect!