Sunday, December 13, 2015

Co-Workers Gifts 2015

A few years ago, I made tile coasters for my co-workers for Christmas. I'm working at a new place since I did them last though so I decided to do them again. :) Savannah came over yesterday to help me and they turned out so cute!

It was also fun to have craft time with my bestie! Now I can't wait to give them out next week!


Christmas Trees 2015

Here they are...our Christmas trees 2015!

Our "travel" tree, which has all of our travel ornaments on it. :)

Our "memories" tree, which has all the ornaments that mean the most to us on it. :)


Cutting Our Christmas Tree 2015

We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house in Deweyville this year so we got our Christmas tree on Saturday after we were back home. It had snowed a ton the night before, but we made it up the mountain just fine and it was fun having all that snow! Amber came with us with her new shock collar on and loved every minute of it.

We went up Whiterocks Canyon and got a pinon pine again.

Another great tree!


Andrew's New Job

On October 26, Andrew started working for Utah Power Credit Union (UPCU)! He is the branch manager at the Roosevelt office located in Moon Lake Electric. He works in that office Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


On Wednesday and Friday, he travels to Vernal and works in the UPCU office there.

He absolutely loves his new job! He still continues to work at Nielsen's Furniture 1 or 2 Saturdays a month. Life is good. :)