Saturday, August 8, 2015

Girls Trip 2015 - San Diego, CA Day 1 & 2

A few weeks ago, Andrew mentioned that he would be going back to Las Vegas for Market in August for 5 days. The thought of staying home alone that long didn't sound very fun so I asked Savannah if she wanted to go on a girl's trip. She said, "Let's go to the beach!" so the idea of going to San Diego was born. Andrew booked everything for us and it was perfect! On the evening of Thursday, July 30, we flew from SLC to San Diego. The next morning, we discovered the view from our hotel was amazing! We could see the Coronado Bridge from the front of the hotel and our room faced the marina on the back of the hotel. So pretty! 


We had planned to go to Sea World on Friday. On our way, we passed by the airport so I snapped this quick picture. :)

It had been a long time since I had been to Sea World in San Diego so Savannah and I had a really good time. :)

We went up in the Skytower shortly after getting to the park that morning and were treated to great views of the park.

Then we walked around and saw some animals before the shows started.

We thought this tree was pretty cool looking!

Our first show was the dolphins and pilot whales (No, we did not sit in the soak zone. ;) Those people got drenched!).

Then we cooled off for a minute inside seeing the penguins and then the turtles.

My favorite show of the day was the Cirque show! When we asked if there was a magnet or something you could buy from the show, they looked at us like we were crazy because there are no animals in this show, but I love Cirque shows! Oh well. ;)

Notice the Bayside Skyride in the background of the Cirque show. We came back to ride that later. :)

Next was the whale show!

Then back to ride the Bayside Skyride!

Our last show of the day was the sea lion, walrus and otter show.

We left Sea World in the afternoon and headed to find some lunch. We were starving! One of Savannah's friends recommended this restaurant called Devine Pastabilities where we got a meal called the Torpasta and it was so good! The restaurant was voted best sandwich shop in San Diego and has been on the Food Network!

After our late, but delicious lunch, we headed back to our hotel to change to go to the beach in La Jolla!

But first we had to stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes in La Jolla! My favorite!

Our rental car. :)

The San Diego temple was right across the freeway. I have always thought it looked like an ice castle. :) 

La Jolla Shores is the beach we ended up at and we loved it there! It was so nice and we just walked along the sand and enjoyed. :)


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  1. I'm so glad you invited me. It really was the best weekend!