Friday, July 24, 2015

Andrew's Indiana Trip

Back in June, Andrew had the opportunity to travel to Indiana for work to tour Best Furniture. It was a really neat experience for him! He flew from SLC to Denver on a commercial flight and once in Denver, he flew on Best Furniture's private plane to Huntingburg, IN!

Leaving Denver...


A big, motorized Best recliner used in parades. ;)

Andrew was in heaven because the lodge he stayed at had fishing gear for the fishing pond on the property!

For the next 2 days, Andrew got to see all kinds of Best furniture being made from start to finish...

The first day he was treated to lunch at a German restaurant. Andrew said it was even better then the food we ate in Berlin last summer!

Leather still with brands that have to be cut out. Something I never even thought about!

The second day they ate at an American restaurant where Andrew ordered a BLT with cheese! Only Andrew. ;)

Flying back to Denver...

The plane landed to refuel in Garden City, KS so Andrew got to get out and walk around. :)

Back in Denver in the executive terminal. :)

Andrew's commercial flight from Denver to SLC got delayed because of weather and funny enough, my sister Leisa and her family were delayed in Denver at the same time. They were trying to get back home to Virginia so Andrew was able to met up with them. I was so happy when I saw this picture texted to my phone with all their smiling faces together. :)

Andrew made it to SLC late that night, but he had a great trip! Such an awesome experience!



  1. really looks like fun and what a great lodge place to stay at! WOW I would love it.

  2. What an experience!!! And I love that they make their company here in the USA. I will remember that the next time I buy furniture!

  3. what a fun trip! And I didn't know that kim had a baby, she is adorable!