Sunday, February 15, 2015

Phoenix Trip Day 1 & 2

Back in December I had heard that the DWTS Live! tour was coming to SLC in February and I just couldn't resist going. Since it didn't start until 8 pm on a Thursday, we decided to take the next day off and take a mini vacation. The only part of Arizona that we had ever been through was just the little corner on the way to Las Vegas so when Andrew found some good airfare to Phoenix, we jumped on it!

DWTS Live!

Friday morning we had an early flight to Phoenix and Andrew found a waffle house, which is a favorite of his, for breakfast. :)

From there we drove for a little while and enjoyed all the cactus. It was really fun to see cactus instead of trees!


We had booked a resort to stay at in Phoenix and then we upgraded to a suite. We were so glad that we did. It was so fun having our own little "hacienda" as Andrew called it. ;)

Our rental car parked right outside our door. :)

The view across the lawn.

We took a nap that afternoon and then we went to Tempe to find the Rainforest Cafe there!


Night view. ;)


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  1. I'd still rather see trees. But at least you went in February instead of a hotter month, like August.