Sunday, February 15, 2015

Las Vegas Road Trip Day 1 & 2

A favorite memory of ours is when we hopped in our car on a Saturday afternoon and drove to Mount Rushmore. We had never done anything like that and since we often talk about it, we decided to do it again! So Friday, January 30 we booked a room, packed and after work, we hopped in our car and drove to Las Vegas! It had been several years since we had been to Las Vegas together so we had a lot of things we wanted to see. :)

We arrived in Las Vegas at midnight local time and checked in to our hotel, the Tropicana. We had gotten a good deal on a room there on Expedia and it was pretty close to a lot of the things we wanted to see while we were there plus it had easy freeway access since we were arriving so late. ;) Saturday morning we got up early to start exploring! We first walked next door to the MGM Grand and had breakfast at Rainforest Cafe. :D Another Rainforest Cafe checked off my list and we had breakfast there, which I had never had and didn't even know they did! So fun!

From there we headed out onto the strip to M&M's World. We had been here before, but it's always fun to fill up a bag with colorful M&M's!

Next stop was the Paris. I wanted to go up in the Eiffel Towel, which is exactly what we did! After purchasing our tickets, we bought a lock to put on the Locks on the Bridge that they have there. They had a decorating kit for us to decorate our lock and then we went up to the fence to attach our lock. Going to Paris has always been a dream of mine along with going up in the real Eiffel Tower and attaching a "love" lock on the Pont des Arts bridge. :) In Paris, after you attach your lock, you throw the keys in the Seine river, but in Las Vegas you just put your keys in a box. ;)



Next we rode the elevator up in the Eiffel Tower! At the top you are given an iPad that shows you what you would be looking at if you were at the top of the Eiffel Towel in Paris. That was pretty neat! A fact I found interesting was that the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is only half the size of the real Eiffel Towel in Paris. They wanted to build a full size replica, but the Las Vegas airport was too close so they built it at half scale. 


After the Paris, we walked the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. We had lunch at Cheeseburger Las Vegas, which we had eaten at in Hawaii so it was fun to eat there again. :)


Then we stopped in at Pandora and I got an exclusive dice charm for my bracelet that they only sell in Las Vegas. :)

From Planet Hollywood we walked to The LINQ because I wanted a good view of the High Roller Ferris Wheel and also because that's where Sprinkles Cupcakes, Ice Cream and Cookies is! Instead of a cupcake, I tried the ice cream and cookies this time. Andrew got cupcakes. :)

Then we walked down to The Venetian. I had always wished we had gone on a gondola ride the last time we were in Las Vegas so that's what we did this time!

I loved every minute of it! Another item on my bucket list is to go to Venice and take a ride on the real thing!

It was getting later in the evening by then and we were getting pretty tired, but we made one more stop at the Coca Cola store where I had heard you could sample "Tastes of the World". :) There were a couple we liked, but there was definitely one we thought was horrible called Beverly from Italy. It tasted like cough medicine gone bad! Later we were told that Italians take a small sip of it as a palate cleanser. Yuck!


Later that night, when we were back in our room, Andrew looked at his phone and it showed we had walked 10 miles that day!! Our legs and feet believed it. ;)


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