Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Flowers delivered to me on Friday at work. :)

Andrew knows exactly what I like. :)

On Valentine's Day Andrew also gave me a Coldstone gift card and I gave him an iTunes and Amazon gift card. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


Phoenix Trip Day 3 & 4

Our resort had 4 pools on the property so Saturday we spent most of the day in them!

We did break for lunch and a shopping trip to Pandora though where I added a sun charm to my bracelet. :)

Sunday we got bagels for breakfast and Andrew picked an orange from one of the trees in the parking lot. It was really bitter so I'm not exactly sure what it was actually.

After thoroughly enjoying the resort, we checked out and headed to Sprinkles Cupcakes!


 Behind the scenes of the Cupcake ATM. ;)

Mini cupcakes. :)

Andrew had found reviews for a Mystery Castle that he wanted to check out before our flight so we set off to find it.

We both agreed the whole "castle" was quite strange, but the views of Phoenix were pretty. :)

Another nice trip with perfect weather. :)

Phoenix Trip Day 1 & 2

Back in December I had heard that the DWTS Live! tour was coming to SLC in February and I just couldn't resist going. Since it didn't start until 8 pm on a Thursday, we decided to take the next day off and take a mini vacation. The only part of Arizona that we had ever been through was just the little corner on the way to Las Vegas so when Andrew found some good airfare to Phoenix, we jumped on it!

DWTS Live!

Friday morning we had an early flight to Phoenix and Andrew found a waffle house, which is a favorite of his, for breakfast. :)

From there we drove for a little while and enjoyed all the cactus. It was really fun to see cactus instead of trees!


We had booked a resort to stay at in Phoenix and then we upgraded to a suite. We were so glad that we did. It was so fun having our own little "hacienda" as Andrew called it. ;)

Our rental car parked right outside our door. :)

The view across the lawn.

We took a nap that afternoon and then we went to Tempe to find the Rainforest Cafe there!


Night view. ;)


Las Vegas Road Trip Day 3

Sunday morning we were heading home, but Andrew wanted to make one last stop in Las Vegas at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where Pawn Stars is filmed. It was fun to see it in real life. One of the guys on the show has family in Roosevelt that shop at Nielsen's even. :)

On our way through Utah, I had Andrew stop in Fillmore so I could see the house where I used to live. It has changed quite a bit! But it was fun to have all those old memories come flooding back. :)

We had such a fun, spontaneous trip! Love this hubby of mine who always makes life grand. :)