Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Mini Quilt

I love everything about my August quilt block from the cute salt box house up to the adorable smoke coming out of the chimney. :) It's so cute!

Well, this block marks the last of my 12 quilt blocks to be put together. It took me a little more then a year to finish them all (I got a little behind ;) ), but I have loved working on this project. Now that I no longer have my grandma, I wanted to finish for her too. I know she would have loved to see them all put together. :)

Now at some point my mom, my sisters and I need to get together to finish the backs... ;)



  1. They all turned out so cute. I'm so glad it turned into a tribute for your grandma.

  2. I am so happy to see that you finished them all!!! Yay!!! I have mine all sewn together. I am just still finishing on quilting it and then I need to bind it into a quilt... Maybe once I get my sewing room unpacked I will begin that as my first project!