Sunday, December 14, 2014

My New Job

For over eight years now, I have worked at TriCounty Health Department, which is the local health department here in the area where we live. I have really enjoyed working there and have done a couple different jobs within the department, but some changes have been made there over the last year and I was just finding myself not as happy there anymore.

So I took the plunge, which was hard for me, and gave my 2 weeks notice.

My supervisor, Marci, gave me some cute gifts on my last day that she made or picked out especially for me to say thank you. :)

On December 1, I started working for Uintah Basin Medical Center, our local hospital, at Home Care Services as their Office Coordinator. I am loving it! I love being a secretary and the medical field is somewhere that has always felt like home to me so everything has worked out perfectly. :)

I'm still settling in and I know that will take some time, but I am excited to be here and make my new career here!



  1. Good for you for leaving a job that you didn't like anymore and finding something that makes you happy again! miss you guys