Sunday, November 23, 2014

November Swap Night

I had swapped for Felicity's quilt block last month. She is having all of us embroider our names on a quilt block she had using floss to match one of the colors in the block. I thought this was a really cute idea and then she can frame it when it's finished or she can add it to a quilt one day. :)

Until next month!


Ethel Davis Ercanbrack July 27, 1924 - November 10, 2014

On Monday, November 10, 2014, Andrew's Grandma Ercanbrack passed away. She was a wonderful grandma! She always loved hearing about our trips, we had Thanksgiving at her house every other year, for our birthdays she always sent us $5 in our birthday cards, which Andrew's sister Alicia termed our "grandma dollars" ;), and she loved getting thank you cards from us. :) We will miss her so much.

On Thursday, we had her memorial services. It was a wonderful day spent with close and extended family and I know grandma was there enjoying us all being together. :)

Andrew and Brandon were pallbearers. I was so impressed with them. They were so respectful and I just love seeing the two of them together.

They had some special moments with their dad too. :)

Grandma was buried in the Roosevelt, UT cemetery next to Grandpa Ercanbrack and it nice to know that they are back together after 21 years apart. :)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Road Trip Day 5 - Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL

Monday it was time to head home so we packed up and left Wisconsin headed back to Illinois.

We had to make one stop before returning our rental car at the airport though: Rainforest Cafe - Schaumburg. Now I've been to all 3 Rainforest Cafe's in Illinois!

 I smashed a penny here too!

It was another successful trip and now we are halfway on our journey to visiting all 50 states!


Road Trip Day 4 - Chicago, IL to Milwaukee, WI

Sunday morning we took our hotel shuttle back to the airport and rented a car for our overnight trip to Wisconsin!

Our first stop was just north of Chicago at the Home Alone house! Growing up my siblings and I LOVED this movie. We watched it all year long and I still love it to this day!

There have been a few changes to the house, but it's pretty much the same. :)

From there, we continued on to Wisconsin, but just before we crossed over the state line, we passed Six Flags Great America and stopped at the second Rainforest Cafe in Illinois - Gurnee Mills!

I smashed a penny at this Rainforest Cafe to remember. ;)

Just over the Wisconsin state line, we saw a sign for a free Jelly Belly warehouse tour so we decided to stop. Now we've done both Jelly Belly tours in the US: Pleasant Prairie, WI and Fairfield, CA. :)


After the tour, we were each given a free sample. :)

One of the main reason we wanted to visit Wisconsin was for the cheese! Andrew had looked up several cheese places online and the ones we settled on were Tim & Tom's Cheese, which ended up being Andrew's favorite place and Mars Cheese Castle.



I thought all the wax shapes were really fun. :)


Monday, November 17, 2014

Road Trip Day 3 - Chicago, IL

Saturday morning we caught the train into the city again. Our first stop was Eataly, Mario Batali's Italian superstore! It was pretty cool and Andrew was in love with their cheese and meat displays. ;)

Then we had lunch at Weber Grill. We walked past it Friday night and the smell had Andrew wanting to come back. :)

After lunch, we caught the bus to the Navy Pier! Unfortunately the Ferris wheel was closed, but we stumbled upon one company doing the last tour of the season on the Chicago River! I have always wanted to do one here in Chicago so even though it was a bit expensive, we jumped on it! It was so great!

Trump Tower

If you look at the sky between the buildings in this picture, you'll see the tightrope that Nik Wallenda would walk across the very next night!


Willis Tower

After our river tour, we were pretty cold so we caught the bus and had hot chocolate at Hershey's Chocolate World Chicago. :)

We did a little shopping after warming up and Andrew saw Harry Caray's Holy Cow! ;)

Saturday night we had a special show planned. We were going to see Dancing Pros: Live! at the Cadillac Palace Theatre! Two of the people starring in the show I have seen dance many times on Dancing with the Stars so I was really excited! The Cadillac Palace Theatre is in Chicago's Theatre District and even McDonald's was in lights there! ;)

The show was so great! I absolutely loved it! 

We had a late train ride home that night, but it was worth it!