Thursday, July 17, 2014

Road Trip Day 3 - Tillamook, OR to Tacoma, WA

Monday was Andrew's birthday and he wanted to stop at the cheese factory one more time before we left Tillamook to buy cheese to take home. We had brought a cooler just for this purpose. ;) Of course we had to tour the factory and go through the sample line just one more time. ;)

I won't tell you how much we spent there on cheese to take home. ;)

Then we left Tillamook and headed up the coast. Our next stop was Seaside, OR, which has many memories for me with my family and my grandma from when I was growing up. It had changed, but some things remained the same.

We rode the carousel, which I absolutely remembered.

 And had elephant ears, which is something we always had while visiting Seaside growing up! It was fun for me to share this place with Andrew.

Driving up the Oregon coast about to enter Washington, we got to cross this really fun bridge. I have to admit it made me a little nervous so I just concentrated on taking lots of pictures. ;) 

That afternoon we arrived in Tacoma, WA and for dinner I got to check another Rainforest Cafe off my list!

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  1. That bridge is awesome! And I love the Pepsi shirt in the cheese factory. That is Andrew to a "T".