Thursday, July 17, 2014

Road Trip Day 1 & 2 - Home to Pendleton, OR & Pendleton, OR to Tillamook, OR

My beautiful, sweet grandma passed away June 10. It was very important to me that I be able to attend her memorial services so Andrew and I rented a car Saturday, June 14 in SLC and got on the road. I needed to say goodbye to her in person, but I also knew that she would want us to have a nice trip so Andrew and I decided since his birthday was the day before the funeral that we would head to Tillamook, OR first, drive up the Oregon and Washington coasts and end in Tacoma, WA the night before the funeral. We spent the first night in Pendleton, OR.

The next morning we headed for Tillamook, OR. Anyone who knows Andrew knows of his love for cheese so he was pretty excited to finally be getting the chance to visit the cheese factory there. ;) We had talked about going for years and now he was going to be there on his birthday of all days!

 Andrew went through the free sample line 4 TIMES the first day! ;)


My grandma was on my mind throughout this trip and I kept seeing things and thinking of this quilt at the cheese factory of all places! Made for Tillamook's 100th Anniversary.

Again... ;)

 I had a grilled cheese sandwich at their cafe. ;)

Tillamook Ice Cream!

After spending a few hours at the cheese factory, we checked in at our hotel and then went to the beach!

I need one of these beach houses!

There was a tunnel through the cliff so you could get to the beach on the other side if the tide hadn't gone out. I didn't know if I could make myself go in because I hate caves and the like, but I did it and got to the other side!

Then we drove a little further to Cape Meares to see the lighthouse.

Great day!



  1. Best birthday ever for Andrew! You should have told them it was his birthday and see if they could have put a candle in a chunk of cheese.

  2. Tillamook ice cream is my absolute favorite! When Dale worked at the grocery store we tried every flavor over the year :)