Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baltic Capitals Cruise Vacation Day 10 - Tallinn, Estonia

Monday we awoke in Tallinn, Estonia. Our excursion was a bus tour that took us all around Tallinn to see the sites!

I have a thing for Farris wheels and we saw so many on this trip. :)

The oldest house in Tallinn and it's up for sale. ;)

The one thing that stuck out to me in visiting all these countries was they were all so proud of their TV towers and they would point them out to us on every tour we went on so I finally got a picture of the one in Tallinn. Interesting.

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

Whatever flag is flying at the top of this turret has control of Estonia and the Estonian flag is flying. :)


The WC. ;)
We loved hearing and using all the proper English words on this trip such as queuing, which means standing in line. ;)

Tonight's towel animal was a frog.


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  1. Every time I see a picture of you and Andrew I think its my new favorite; but then I go to the next post and think the same thing again. ;)