Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baltic Capitals Cruise Vacation Day 5 - Warnemunde & Berlin, Germany

Wednesday we awoke in Warnemunde, Germany. For our excursion we were taking the train into Berlin and seeing some sites there. The train ride in was about 2 1/2 hours so our excursion left right after our ship docked in Warnemunde.

A lighthouse and view of the dock as the ship was pulling in.

We had a private train taking us into Berlin and each train compartment sat 6 people. The pic below is of 2 of our compartment mates. They were super nice and when we would see them all over the ship for the remainder of the cruise, we would say hi. :)

Warnemunde Train Station

German countryside...

Morning snack we were served on the train. ;)

Berlin Train Station

I was so excited about going to Berlin. I mean who goes there! It was amazing! Even though it rained in the morning. ;)

 Checkpoint Charlie

The Berlin Wall. Amazing!

Hitler's bunker sat right in this very spot.

We had lunch in a German pub.

Oh the Brandenburg Gate! So excited to finally be seeing it in person!


The Brandenburg Gate is located in Paris Square. ;)

 The Holocaust Memorial

 Driving on the Autobahn!

Then we were able to visit Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. A very eye opening experience to see first hand what people are capable of doing to other people. Such a terrible thing and a good reminder to the world.

Afternoon snack on the train. ;)

We found our first towel animal waiting for us on our bed when we got back to our stateroom that night...a mouse!



  1. What a beautiful country with so much history. Just looking at your pictures brings me to tears thinking of all that happened there.

  2. Wow! That's an awesome tour, glad you got to see it all.