Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baltic Capitals Cruise Vacation Day 13, 14 & 15 - Copenhagen, Denmark & Traveling

Thursday morning we were docked back in Copenhagen. We had booked an excursion in Copenhagen so we could see some of the sites there since we hadn't had time before the cruise.

People ride bikes everywhere in Scandinavia, but especially in Denmark because it is too expensive to own a car.

The first stop on our tour in Copenhagen was the famous Little Mermaid statue.


 Lots and lots of bikes...

Next stop was Gefion Fountain and The English Church. I threw a coin in the fountain and made a wish. :)



When we stopped to see Nyhavn, everyone passing by was writing on this wall they were calling the "happy wall" so Andrew wrote something from us. :)

Nyhavn is the one thing I definitely wanted to see in Copenhagen. Whenever I would think of Copenhagen, this is always what I saw in my mind. So picturesque.

Andrew wanted to buy a crepe from a street vendor. :)



In Copenhagen we were able to actually see the changing of the guard. ;)

Then we drove past Tivoli Gardens, which is the second most popular seasonal theme park in the world!

At this point our tour was over and our tour bus kindly dropped us off at our hotel before taking most everyone else on the tour to the airport. Since we weren't flying out until the next day, we checked in at our hotel, bought metro tickets and took the train back to Tivoli Gardens so we could have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe right next door. :) Eating here is something we enjoy doing if we have the chance and eating at one in Europe was really fun. :)

Then Andrew and I walked a bit and as Andrew was looking at the map of where we were, he thought we were getting close to a Pandora store. Since Pandora originated from Denmark, I thought it would be fun to visit a store here and buy a charm for my bracelet since I didn't have one representing Denmark!  Sure enough we found the store and I bought a little mermaid charm. ;) 

One of these days I will get to walk in one of these stores and buy something. A girl can dream, right?!! ;)

Well this brings us to the end of my pictures. We spent Thursday night in Copenhagen and started our flights home early the next morning. They didn't necessarily go perfectly, but better than last time and we arrived in Denver Friday night with all our luggage. :) We spent the night in Denver Friday night and drove home to see our fur children Saturday morning. We had missed them! 

All I can say about this trip is what a wonderful and amazing experience. I'm so lucky we were able to come here for our 15 year anniversary. Our first time visiting Europe will not soon be forgotten!



  1. What a perfect ending to your trip. Looks like you had fun. Well, except the luggage part. Glad it made it home safely.

  2. post a picture of your charm! How fun to actually buy one there!