Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baltic Capitals Cruise Vacation Day 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Traveling & Copenhagen, Denmark

For our 15 year anniversary, Andrew and I wanted to go somewhere really special so about 2 years ago, we decided on Europe and started saving! My parents were celebrating their 35th anniversary and my brother and his wife were celebrating their 10th so they were saving to go too!

Saturday, June 21 was the day! We had gotten a better deal on airfare flying out of Denver so we left our house headed that direction. We spent the first night in Denver and got on our first flight bound for Chicago Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately we had numerous flight delays in every airport we flew through, including London, so it wasn't the smoothest trip. I'll spare myself reliving the story here and just say by the time we got to Copenhagen Monday evening, it wasn't with our luggage.

Andrew tracked our luggage all through the night and mine showed up the next morning, but his did not along with all my hair stuff that was in his bag. We made due, but it definitely wasn't the best start to our vacation. :P

On the way through Copenhagen to our ship!

Arriving at our ship Tuesday afternoon we were just trying to make the best of the situation and still have an amazing vacation so we boarded the Norwegian Star for our Baltic Capitals cruise!


Embarkation Photo

Looking up from The Grand Atrium.

Looking down on The Grand Atrium.


Once on board, we headed up to the buffet for lunch. After lunch we decided to see if our stateroom was ready and it was! We were in Stateroom 10657.

Then it was time to set sail for our first port of call: Warnemunde, Germany!

Sail Away Pics!

Dinner with Dad and Mom the first night in the Versailles Restaurant.

Arriving back at our cabin for the night and finding the chocolate-covered strawberries that I ordered for Andrew. :) Bon Voyage!



  1. Sorry about all the flight problems, but it was still kind of fun to hear all the stories the other night. I still can't get over that long walk! The ship looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Happy anniversary! So, I'm a bit confused....I read your story about being nervous to cross the bridge on your way to Tacoma (by they way, so sorry about your grandma. My grandma doesn't have long either and it's been very sad. I understand your emotions.) I thought maybe you were scared of the water, but then I remembered you love cruises and there is plenty of water there! So, why the fear of bridges?!? You should FB message me and let me in on that story. :) Hugs!

  3. Missing bags does not sound fun! But beautiful pictures!