Saturday, March 15, 2014

Road Trip Day 1 & 2 - Kansas City, MO & Fort Riley, KS

My niece Jade turned 8 years old the first part of March and was going to be baptized. She lives in Kansas and since Andrew and I had never been to Kansas and had only been to the St. Louis airport in Missouri, we decided it would be fun to go and be there for her special day. So on Thursday, March 6 we flew from SLC to Denver and from Denver to Kansas City, MO. We got in late Thursday night so we spent the night in Kansas City.

Friday morning Andrew discovered there was a Waffle House nearby and since this is something we discovered on our last trip through Ohio, he wanted to have breakfast there. (They do have really good grilled biscuits. ;) )

Our rental car.

My parents were flying in later Friday morning so after breakfast we relaxed a little bit, did some sightseeing and some souvenir shopping. :)

Kansas River

 Kansas River meeting up with the Missouri River.

Then we met up with them for a famous Kansas City barbecue lunch! We ate at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue. It had great reviews and it did not disappoint!

This location is a historic converted freight house so it was pretty neat inside.


Andrew's plate. He got a sampler platter of 4 different meats!

After lunch we left Kansas City for Fort Riley, KS, but first we passed through Kansas City, KS and a toll road on the way. ;)

We visited with my sister's family for a while Saturday evening in Fort Riley and spent the night just off post in Junction City, KS.

Playing Wii! :)


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  1. I'll have to ask him, but it seems like Josh hates Kansas. He drove through there a few years ago and was mad they paid him pay to leave the state.