Monday, March 10, 2014

March Swap Night

Since I won the giveaway last month, I was supposed to be the hostess and in charge of the giveaway for swap this month, but Andrew and I had a trip planned and were leaving the night of swap so Kim offered to be the hostess and when she wins the giveaway, I'll take my turn. :) Thanks, Kim!

The night before swap, I dropped everything off at Kim's house. I had swapped for Katie's towel last month. She hadn't had a chance to get her quote embroidered on it by the first swap, but she had marked a spot for it so I embroidered my name on the opposite side. I think my name turned out pretty cute on hers though. ;)


For the giveaway I decided to do an embroidery marking pen and an embroidery hoop. I got my favorite kind of hoop that has pinchers instead of a screw to tighten the fabric while embroidering. Kim told me Angie won the giveaway and I hope she loved it. :)

Until next month!


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