Friday, February 7, 2014

February Swap Night

For swap this year, Lewaina and Kim came up with the idea of having each person embroider a vintage dish towel of their own with a quote about friendship and then each month passing it to a different person in the group to embroider their name on it. Their are 9 of us in the group so after 9 months, we'll have a finished towel with everyone's name on it including our own. I decided to change my friendship quote slightly and swap out the original number in the quote for the number nine so I can always remember this fun group and the 9 of us who were in it. :)

Here's what my towel started out looking like:

When I get it back, I'll add my name to it and it will be complete. Such a fun idea and I can't wait to get started embroidering my name on the first towel I swapped for last night!

To make swap night even better, I also won the giveaway! Lewaina had suggested the giveaways be something to do with embroidery and since Felicity was our hostess, she was also in charge of the giveaway.  She chose to give away a really nice pair of embroidery scissors! Can't wait to use them for all the towels I'll be embroidering. :)

Until next month!


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