Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Heward Family Christmas Party 2013

My family is spread all over, but my sister Heidi and her family were able to come to Utah from Kansas after Christmas. So on the Saturday after Christmas, she and those of us in Utah along with my Grandma Cole visiting from Washington got together at my parent's house in Deweyville for our annual Heward family Christmas party. Here are the kids opening their presents from Andrew and I:

Eagerly waiting to open their presents!

We gave Lincoln and my nephew Will in California duffel bags. Lincoln got Spider-Man and Will got Cars. We got to Skype with my nephew Will and watch him open his present from us too. He seemed to love it because he was twirling around with it in the background afterward. ;)

We gave Jade & Mayci and Kinley & Taylor Tupperware mini serving sets. They really enjoyed them! That night they had their little pitchers and cups filled with water in case they needed a drink in the middle of the night. ;) Too cute! 

 Just a cute picture of Taylor I couldn't resist posting. :)

After all the presents were opened, we all went to Maddox Ranch House for dinner. It was fun to be with almost the whole family for a nice meal like that. :)


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  1. He does love that duffel bag! He puts toys in there and drags it around. I can't wait to go somewhere and actually use it just for him, that will be way nice instead of cramming his stuff in with ours! Thanks!