Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Road Trip Day 5 - Chicago, IL - South Bend, IN & Detroit, MI

Saturday was the day of the big game! We left Chicago in the morning and drove east to South Bend, IN. We got to the Notre Dame campus about 1:30 pm, paid $25 to park our car :P and instead of riding the shuttle to the stadium, we decided to walk so we could see the campus on our way. When we got there at 1:30 pm the temperature was 24 degrees with a wind chill of 9 degrees! It was sooo cold! We bundled up though and started walking through a few snow flurries. We did get to check out the campus, which was definitely cool for Andrew, but we still hadn't seen the stadium. Finally Andrew asked someone where it was and we were able to find it. The campus is completely flat so you couldn't just see it!

The Main Building with its famous golden dome.

Hesburgh Library with the mosaic Touchdown Jesus. 

Now can you see why it's called Touchdown Jesus? ;)

By the time the game started we were freezing and by the end of the first quarter we couldn't feel our legs! So Andrew and I went down and spent the second quarter in the only heated place in the stadium...the bathroom! They were broadcasting the game in the bathrooms and they were packed! Andrew said the mens bathroom was the same. ;) Andrew didn't spend the entire second quarter in the bathroom though. He would walk out by the bleachers and watch for a little bit and then walk back under the stadium to get out of the wind. The totally crazy, cold wind! Finally I joined him under the stadium right before halftime. We were debating about what to do because Andrew never leaves BYU games even one second early, but the cold was literally almost unbearable! People were leaving the stadium in droves and I wanted to go as well, but I left it up to him. Finally he decided we should go since it was so cold and we still had a long drive ahead of us to get back to Detroit. And this time we rode the shuttle back to our car. ;)

As night settled in so did the snow at the stadium and we were glad we left early. The announcers on the radio were encouraging people to just try and stay warm! Unfortunately BYU ended up losing the game. :( I was just proud of the players for being out there! We found out later that the game was in the top 3 of the coldest games in Notre Dame history! What an experience to say the least. :)

We spent Saturday night in Detroit and Sunday morning we flew back to SLC via Dallas again. It was such a fun trip and we crossed 4 states and 1 Canadian province off our list along with 2 Rainforest Cafe's including the one in Chicago. :)