Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Road Trip Day 4 - Chicago, IL

Friday morning we wanted to check out Millennium Park and then Willis Tower. As I mentioned before, traffic in Chicago is nuts and combined with all the construction they were doing, we decided to use the public transportation system to get around. Andrew's phone was amazing for this! It told us exactly how many walking minutes away from things we were and then also told us where and when to catch the buses and trains. It was great! I don't think we could have pulled it off without it. :) So we rode the bus to Millennium Park first because I wanted to check out Cloud Gate or The Bean as the locals call it. It was huge and really awesome to see! It reflects the city skyline and I thought that was pretty impressive.

There was also an ice skating rink in Millennium Park. Though I have never been to Central Park in New York City, it reminded me of the ice skating rink I have seen on TV there. :)

From Millennium Park we took the elevated train to Willis Tower. That was a pretty cool experience! You have to go up these wooden stairs from street level and through an old metal turnstile to get to the elevated level where the trains run. 

Willis Tower is the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the third tallest in the world and we went up 103 floors to the Skydeck to view the city. My ears popped all the way up and all the way back down. ;)

360 degree views from the top of Willis Tower.

On the west side of the tower they have glass boxes that extend out 4 feet from the side of the building. It's kind of nerve-wracking to step out in them because your mind starts playing tricks on you since you can see 103 stories down! We had to do it though. ;)

From Willis Tower we took the bus back to our hotel to get ready to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer The Musical at the Broadway Playhouse!

It was a really fun production and since it was right before Thanksgiving, it started to get me in the Christmas mood!


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