Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Road Trip Day 2 - Toledo, OH - Shipshewana, IN & Chicago, IL

We started Wednesday off with breakfast at Waffle House. We enjoy eating at places we don't have in Utah when we take vacations so that was fun. :) Then we hopped on the freeway and headed toward Indiana.

In Indiana, we wanted to visit the Amish town of Shipshewana. Pretty soon after turning off the freeway, we started to see the signs of being in Amish country. It was really like stepping back in time with buggies on the side of the road, hitching posts in the parking lots and Amish men and women helping us in the stores we visited.

We also visited TWO cheese shops while in Shipshewana and Andrew was in heaven. ;) 

After leaving Shipshewana, we were starving so for a late lunch/early dinner, we decided to try White Castle, which is also something we don't have in Utah. Honestly, it wasn't that great. ;) But it was fun to try.

Each burger came in its own little box, which was kind of fun and cute.


After White Castle, we got back on the freeway bound for Chicago, IL. One thing to note is that they have toll roads in this part of the country. At first it wasn't a big deal, but after awhile it got ridiculous. I can't remember the exact amount now, but by the time we got to Chicago, I figured we had spent over $20 just on road tolls! 

Traffic in Chicago is crazy, but we made it to our hotel across from the Navy Pier safe and sound. They wanted $60 per night to park our car, which is more than twice what Hawaii is and Hawaii is an island! But Andrew found a public parking lot right behind our hotel on his phone for $36 per night. Still crazy and more than Hawaii, but at least it saved us a little bit of money!

Our first view of the Navy Pier from our 10th floor room. :)


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  1. 2 cheese places, what more could he ask for? I know! A side if bacon.