Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Road Trip Day 1 - Detroit, MI - Windsor, Ontario, Canada & Toledo, OH

The kittens helped us pack though I don't think they were very happy that we were leaving them again. :( Grandma Heward takes good care of them though. ;)

Because we got such a good deal on airfare, this is the second trip we were able to take using our free airline vouchers from January. This was Andrew's trip and he wanted to go to an away BYU football game and this season BYU was playing Notre Dame in South Bend, IN. The best price on airfare we could find in the surrounding areas to fly to was Detroit, MI so on Tuesday, November 19 we flew from SLC to Dallas and then from Dallas to Detroit. We got to Detroit in the early afternoon and picked up our rental car and since Detroit is right on the Canadian border, we decided to cross over into Windsor, Ontario, Canada. There are 2 ways to enter Windsor from Detroit either on a bridge or through an underwater tunnel. We choose the underwater tunnel since it sounded interesting. The tunnel is just under a mile long and when we came out on the other side, we were in Canada!

In Canada seeing Detroit straight ahead.

There wasn't too much to do in Windsor, but we did go to Caesar's Windsor, which is kind of a mini Caesar's Palace. It was fun! We also each bought a Canadian candy bar for a snack. Andrew liked how the wrappers were in grams.

Michigan sign. ;) 

Back in Michigan, we drove to Auburn Hills where we had dinner at Rainforest Cafe, which is a restaurant I love to eat at! Besides checking off all the fifty states, I'm trying to go to as many Rainforest Cafe's as I can. ;) 

This isn't a very good picture because it was dark, but on our way back through Detroit after dinner, we drove past the bridge to Canada.

To end the day we drove to Toledo, OH to spend the night.


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