Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bahamas Cruise Vacation Day 1 & 2 - Traveling and Miami

Remember this post? Well, we had a year to use those vouchers and amazingly it's already been 10 months so we decided to book our next vacation! I wanted to go on a cruise and Andrew wanted to go to an away BYU football game. Well, we got such a good deal on airfare, that we're doing both! The away football game is coming up next week, but we left for our Bahamas cruise on Halloween.

The morning of Halloween we flew from SLC to LAX and then from LAX to Miami. The last flight was long, but we got to Miami pretty early in the evening and had booked a nice hotel. They came and got us from the airport and then we enjoyed complimentary appetizers and soda in the lobby. We explored the grounds of the hotel for a while and kind of settled in and then walked over and had dinner in a strip mall behind the hotel before heading to bed excited for our cruise the next day!

The next day we had booked a shuttle through the hotel to take us to the Port of Miami where we would meet our ship! When we pulled in, the first ship we saw was the Norwegian Pearl, which is the ship we were on for our last cruise in Alaska. It was fun to see it in Miami for the winter months doing cruises.

Parked right behind the Pearl was our ship...the Norwegian Sky!

We were on the ship just before noon so we were able to have lunch in one of the dining rooms on board and eat all our favorite foods from our Alaska cruise. Norwegian is our favorite cruise line and the food is one of our main reasons why! Afterward we had time to explore the ship and check out our cabin before we set sail for Great Stirrup Cay!

Views of Miami.


Setting sail behind several other cruise ships!

Views of South Beach.

Dining room pic that night!

Meeting the main cruise ship staff at the show on the first night.

Arriving back at our cabin for the night and finding the chocolate covered strawberries that I ordered for Andrew. :) Bon Voyage!



  1. Seriously, makes me want to go on a cruise. can't wait for the next post!