Saturday, November 30, 2013

December Mini Quilt

My favorite part of December's mini quilt? Either my mom or my grandma had the idea to use candy cane-striped fabric for the candy cane instead of piecing a candy cane together using red and then white fabric. Such a better idea because the candy cane turned out so cute!

Until next month!


Friday, November 15, 2013

November Swap Night

This month we decided to swap Christmas tree ornaments! I was excited about this because it's like when we first started our swap group. We brought an ornament for everyone in the group and then we got to take one home from everyone in the group.

I love anything little and right now I'm especially into Ball jars so when I saw these mini mason jars, I knew it was the ornament I wanted to bring for everyone. :) I attached a little tag on the jute string and I was in love! I hope everyone else in the group loved them as well. :)

Here are the ornaments I brought home from the rest of the group:

Such a pretty and fun mix! I can't wait to hang them on my tree this year!

Angie hosted swap night this month so she was also in charge of the giveaway, but instead of just one giveaway, she had something for everyone. When my name was drawn, this is what I choose for my prize. Thanks, Angie!

Our group takes a break for the month of December. When we meet again in January, I don't know what we'll be doing yet, but I'm sure it will be something fun!

Until then!


Pampered Chef Party

It had been over a year since I hosted my last Pampered Chef party so I thought it was time to plan another one! I had it last Friday and though only a couple people were able to come, everyone I invited ordered fun tools anyway. :) At the party, we enjoyed S'more Cake and just caught up on life. Thanks for coming, ladies and to everyone who ordered!

Now I just can't wait for all our fun tools to arrive!


Bahamas Cruise Vacation Day 5 - Miami and Traveling Home

Monday morning we were back in Miami. We had breakfast and then got off the ship first thing because we had booked an excursion for a tour around Miami on the Big Bus! 

We had seen the pineapple on the top of this restaurant owned by Gloria Estefan when we visited Miami for a cruise in 2010, but hadn't gotten a picture of it so I wanted one this time. Love pineapples! 

Last shot of our cruise ship docked in Miami. Our ship used to be Norwegian's Hawaii cruise ship so I love the Hawaiian flowers on the side of it. :) 

Another pineapple!

Amazing beach houses, yachts and water views!

The Kardashian's Dash store on Miami Beach. I've seen this store on their TV show so many times! Definitely one of my guilty pleasures! ;)

Rosie O'Donnell's house on Star Island connected to the mainland by a bridge. 

We had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe before our tour bus company took us to the airport for our flight home.

Another picture I had to buy! ;)

Such a fun trip and we had such a good time! This was our 3rd time in Miami and our 5th cruise, but this was our first 3 night cruise and it was fun because there was still plenty of relaxation, but we weren't away from home for too long either. Can't wait for our next one!


Bahamas Cruise Vacation Day 4 - Nassau

Sunday morning we woke up docked in Nassau! We were booked on an excursion called Discover Atlantis, but it didn't leave until later in the morning so we were again able to have a leisurely breakfast, which was nice.

When we got off the ship, this was our view. There were 5 cruise ships docked in Nassau that day and we were parked right next to the biggest cruise ship in the world right now...Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. It was pretty neat to see!


Our first view of Atlantis! 

Bahamian flag and license plate.

Inside Atlantis were million dollar sculptures and a 14k gold ceiling in the lobby.

Outside Atlantis were perfect beaches, a water park and marine life complete with baby and adult cownose rays. 

Baby cownose rays in 1 pool.

Adult cownose rays in a separate pool.

Just like I've always seen on TV!  
The Bridge Suite that connects the 2 towers is their best suite at $25,000 per night with a minimum 4 night stay. How crazy is that! 

Back inside Atlantis we took a tour of what they call The Dig, which are their marine life exhibits complete with lobsters, groupers, sharks, rays and a touch pond where you could pick up different sea creatures. 

Conch sea snail.

Symbolizing the lost city of Atlantis.

They also took our picture while we were there, which is always fun for me! ;) 

Views of the other side of Atlantis on our way back to our ship.

Such a great day in Nassau! Unfortunately that night we had pretty rough seas back to Miami, but luckily we were already asleep! ;)