Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tupperware Party

My SIL Kim sells Tupperware and I've been loving it because I've been able to order a bunch of fun stuff through her, but finally I decided that I wanted to have a party. I knew that my mom had been wanting to have a catalog party so we decided to do a party together and last night was our open house. :) 

For treats, my mom and I decided that we wanted to showcase Tupperware products so we did cupcakes in the Round Cake Taker, a pie plate filled with candy in the Round Pie and Pastry Container, a veggie assortment in the Serving Center Set and then just water to drink in the Classic Sheer 1 3/4 Qt Pitcher. I think it turned out perfectly!

Our open house was 2 hours long and at one point I looked around at my house filled with family and good friends and was just completely happy. I love getting together with the people I love most and having a good time. It wouldn't matter to me what we were doing. :) Thank you all for coming! I hope you had a good time as well. :)   



  1. I might have helped decide the refreshments but Jessica DID it all! It was fun and everything looked so nice. Jessica even shared her mini pumpkins with all who attended.

  2. Oh my heck! I missed it! I didn't mean too! I'll call Kim and see when your closing out your party.
    Looks like it was a fun time! ( always yummy treats at your home)