Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Modeling Chocolate Class


Savannah saw on Facebook that a lady in Duchesne was teaching a Halloween modeling chocolate class and invited me to take it with her. I have never worked with modeling chocolate before, but I have always thought it would be fun to try so we headed to Duchesne last night for the class. We worked with modeling chocolate as well as fondant to make our little Halloween figures and obviously I am NOT an artist, but I do like how mine turned out for the most part. ;) Andrew really liked them too. :)

Another fun part about taking classes like this is the new people you get to meet who enjoy the same things as you do along with getting to spend some time with your friends. :)



  1. Those are super cute! How fun! They turned out well for you not being an "artist"... gosh, I think you are. How did they taste though? I've always wondered how modeling chocolate tasted.....

  2. I thought about going to that class too!

  3. I think you did awesome! Someday i might have to try something like this with you cuz i will never do by myself! You are very artistic!